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Welcome to our Girl Scout Healthy Eating guide.


"Eat healthy. Eat cheap. Eat good."


Girl Scouts of Troop 82220

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Mexican bean salad
Strawberry chocolate Greek yogurt bar
Peanut butter oat energy balls
Strawberry blueberry banana smoothie

About us

Our story...

Girl Scouts of Troop 82220 is an inspiring group of young girls who are making a difference in their community. Recently, they earned their Bronze Award for creating recipes for cheap and healthy food that can be made by kids. 



These energy oat balls are very easy to make and super delicious they are also cheap and healthy .  
Raspberries Shake

This strawberry blueberry banana smoothie is a deliciously healthy purple treat that brightens your mood!

Strawberry chocolate Greek yogurt bars are an amazing alternative  to unhealthy sweets!

the Mexican bean salad is an exotic zesty and healthy option for any meal or a party! 

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